DNS Reptiles


Moore County NC Locality Corn snakes

My son Nicholas and I caught a yearling pair of corn snakes on one snake hunting trip in April 2014.  We decided to keep the pair and watch them grow up. We did breed them in 2016 and they produced a great clutch of 14 snakes.  We don't intend to breed them again, but we sure enjoy having them around. Spending time with these snakes reminds us of our great day of snake hunting together back in 2014.



Val Verde Co Tx Grey Banded Kingsnakes

I acquired this female from my friend Chris Nickelson who produced them in 2017. I have always loved alterna phase grey bands. 

Female - pictures taken May 2018.

Chesapeake Co VA Eastern Kingsnake

This male was produced by Phil Peak in 2018.

Black Pine Snake

I produced this female in 2015 when I was breeding black pines. Unfortunately the law changed and they became federally protected which limited the ability to ship babies across state lines. So I sold my adults to a friend in-state but kept a female just to have and enjoy.

Albino Bull Snake

This female was produced by Jason Nelson in 2019.

This picture was taken September 2019.