DNS Reptiles


Scarlet Kingsnakes

I have a small group of  Hyde County NC scarlet kingsnakes.  My group consists of an adult pair and 2 hold backs from their offspring that I produced in 2019. I caught the adult female as a yearling in May 2013. The adult male was caught by a friend in 2013 as well. Both animals are possessed under NC Permit #13-AR00429. 


Much debate surrounds these animals as to whether they are scarlet kingsnakes, milk snakes or some sort of naturally occurring intergrade. It should be known that the scientific community considers them to be scarlet kingsnakes (lampropeltis elapsoides).  I tend to agree with them...these animals behave differently than Lampropeltis triangulum and certainly look much different to me. Regardless, many in the hobby call them coastal plains milk snakes.

Hyde County NC wild caught Female

Hyde County NC wild caught Male

Here are the two animals pictured above paired together.

Hyde County NC babies!

In 2018 I was thrilled to have produced a clutch of 5 beautiful baby Hyde county locality coastal plains milks! This project was several years in the making!

This is female 1 that I produced in 2018.