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Suriname Boa Constrictors 

The boa constrictors from Suriname have always been my favorite true red tails. I love the bold saddles and deep rich red tails.  In 2017 I decided I had waited long enough and purchased a male from Charles Escoffery (he goes by Charles Boas).  About a year later Charles contacted me and said he was going to thin out the holdbacks he kept from  his 2017 pairings and offered me a female.  While I'm not sure I have any plan to breed Suriname boas, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a female Charles felt was worthy of holding back that was not related to my male, so now I have a pair. 

2017 Male

This picture was taken May 2019.

These pictures were taken November 2018.

Here is the male in August 2017.

2017 Female

These pictures were taken May 2019.

These pictures were taken in November 2018.

And here they are together in October 2018.