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Standard Terms and Conditions

All sales are subject to the following terms and conditions.

1.  I prefer payment via PayPal or money orders.  I will accept personal checks but the checks must clear before any animals are shipped. Buyer must add 3% to cost for any purchase paid with PayPal. PayPal addy is [email protected]

2. Animals are guaranteed to be in good health and voluntary feeding when shipped and received.  Guarantees for animals after 72 hours of delivery will be made at my discretion.

3. I will sex hatchlings to the best of my ability.  While I feel that I am fairly accurate at sexing hatchlings, I cannot guarantee the sex.  If you receive a hatchling and feel it has been sexed incorrectly, you can send them back at your expense and either request a replacement or get a refund.

4. Animals are shipped via Fed Ex overnight priorty shipment.  I am a certified shipper of reptiles with Fed Ex.  Animals are guaranteed to arrive safely as long as there is someone to receive the package at the time of delivery.  Live guarantee is void if nobody is home to receive the package.  If the animals are examined immediately upon arrival and are in poor condition, buyer should contact me immeidately.   Buyer must report dead upon arrival animals immediately after receipt of the package (i.e., within 1 hour of receipt of package).

5. Buyer will pay the cost of shipping prior to shipment.  Buyer will pay the cost of the animals in full prior to shipment unless another arrangement is agreed to.

6. I will ship during the fall and winter but will use my discretion as to when it is safe to do so.  If I do not feel that the temperatures are high enough to ship, I will ask the buyer to wait until the temperatures in their location as well as the Fed Ex sorting locations (Memphis, TN, Indianapolis, IN and Newark, NJ) are appropriate.  If the buyer insists on receiving the shipment against my reccomendation to wait due to weather related reasons, the shipment may be made at their own risk, however I make no guarantee for live and healthy arrival of the animal(s).

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